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Global Renewable Energy Summit 2024 (GRES) - Exploring a Zero-Carbon Path with Sungrow

Publication date: 12. June 2024
Sungrow, a global leader in PV inverter and energy storage system provider organized the Global Renewable Energy Summit 2024 (GRES) in Hefei, China. This grand event brought together industry experts, researchers, and partners worldwide as Energetik energija to discuss the theme, "Exploring a Zero-Carbon Path with Sungrow," emphasizing high-quality development in the global renewable energy industry.

We are proud to be invited by Sungrow to attend the Global Renewable Energy Summit 2024 (GRES) as a valued partner. This prestigious event focused on exploring a zero-carbon future and offered a prime opportunity to strengthen our collaboration with Sungrow and further our commitment to sustainable energy solutions.

The GRES 2024 showcased Sungrow’s cutting-edge technology, products, and services. Focusing on industry insights and introducing various segments, we explored valuable knowledge on the latest trends and developments in renewable energy. The summit included a main forum, followed by two sub-forums: Forum A for Utility PV & ESS, Hydrogen, and Forum B for Residential and C&I sectors.

In addition to the diverse forums, the event featured an interactive product experience area and hands-on visits to the lean manufacturing factory, providing clients with an in-depth understanding of Sungrow’s strengths and innovations.
The GRES 2024 momentous occasion bridges people, industrial ecosystems, innovative efforts, and collaborative partnerships. Sungrow is committed to advancing the transition to a zero-carbon future by bringing together the brightest minds and most influential experts in the field of renewable energy. 

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