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ENERGETIK energija d.o.o.

Specialized distributor for solar components.


Warehouse and delivery:

  • Prepared local warehouse with products based on forecasts from our customers
  • Fast delivery


  • A dedicated technical department of assembly, bureaucracy and project management experts
  • A sales team with expert advice during your purchases helps you choose the best components for your projects.


  • Over 300+ satisfied customers
  • Our customers are installers and PV designers of all sizes


In close cooperation with manufacturers, we organize:
  • webinars
  • educational events and meetings
  • technical trainings and more

We are proud to be a distributor with our own warehouse in Slovenia supplying the whole of Europe.
This advantage gives our customers immediate access to existing inventory and at the same time
allows them to cooperate with us on their annual forecasts.



We are the only distributors with our own warehouse in Slovenia, which supplies all of Europe. This not only provides immediate access to inventory based on our customers' forecasts, but also fast delivery and accurate forecasts of upcoming products. We are also official distributors of renowned brands such as SolarEdge and Sungrow, specialized in inverters and optimizers. In our offer we have the entire range of their products, including inverters, optimizers, batteries, EV-chargers, etc. We are official distributors of the Trina Solar brand and Canadian Solarfor panels and in terms of mounting systems, you will find the entire official offer of K2 Systems in our assortment.

We treat each of our customers as our ally and partner and we offer high-quality services and free educational, marketing and technical support.


As specialized distributors of photovoltaic equipment, we are in close relations with manufacturers and in cooperation with them we organize educational events, technical trainings, webinars and more. In this way, we enable our customers to get to know the practice on in the field of photovoltaics and gaining first-hand practical knowledge and the opportunity to meet all partners in person.

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