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2023 Storage guide

A comprehensive document, tool, e-book, it covers various aspects of storage systems and provides insights and knowledge that will help you better understand the topic and facilitate planning and finding solutions.

  • Storage systems on the AC side
  • DC side storage systems
  • Hybrid converters
  • Compatible batteries
  • 30 pages of descriptions and technical sheets DC side storage systems

Storage Map

Comparison table between inverters and batteries to choose the most suitable storage system, where you will find:

  • Matching inverters and batteries.
  • All available combinations
  • System type: Hybrid or AC connection
  • Network type: three-phase or single-phase
  • Product warranty: years and % of remaining capacity
  • All data on power and storage capacity



Je sveobuhvatan dokument, alat, e-knjiga koja pokriva različite aspekte sistema za skladištenje energije i nudi uvide i znanja koja će vam pomoći da bolje razumete temu i olakšate planiranje i pronalaženje rešenja.

  • Sistemi za skladištenje na strani naizmenične struje (AC)
  • Sistemi za skladištenje na strani jednosmerne struje (DC)
  • Hibridni inverteri/pretvarači
  • Kompatibilne baterije
  • 30 stranica opisa i tehničkih listova


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