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Sungrow lansira iSolarCloud Web3.0: Poenostavite in izboljšajte upravljanje svoje elektrarne!

Datum objave: 07. februar 2024

  • Sungrow launches the brand new edition of its intelligent power plant management system, with a series of optimizations for an even better, intuitive and safe experience.  
  • As of now, iSolarCloud has over 1.5 million users in 150+ countries and regions worldwide.
  • The new iSolarCloud is available on iSolarCloud Web 3.0   or via the "Upgrade" option on the menu bar of the old version website

London, the UK, Feb 1st, 2024 - Sungrow, the global leading inverter and energy storage system solution supplier, has unleashed the latest version of its intelligent power plant management system, iSolarCloud Web 3.0. This new release brings a round of optimizations and upgrades in terms of visual experience, O&M management as well as asset & information security, making plant O&M even more effortless and efficient.

Improved Operational Efficiency for Effortless Asset Management
  • Streamlined Plant Creation and Maintenance: iSolarCloud Web 3.0 introduces a new feature of protection parameter templates, allowing installers to set a template for a specific inverter model, which simplifies the configuration process for all inverters of the same model. It also supports remote adjustment of grid connection parameters, significantly improving the efficiency plant creation and maintenance.
  • Comprehensive Intelligent Analysis: iSolarCloud Web 3.0 optimizes three key modules - Plant Comparison, Device Comparison and Customized Comparison. By utilizing intuitive curve-based analysis, users can gain valuable insights into the performance of different power plants or equipment, providing a solid foundation for decision-making in O&M management.
  • Efficient Fault Diagnosis: leveraging Sungrow’s pioneering IV online diagnostic technology, iSolarCloud Web 3.0 can diagnose 23 types of faults with an accuracy rate of over 97%. It facilitates remote fault localization and provides O&M suggestions, reducing the need for extensive manual on-site inspections and improving operational efficiency while minimizing maintenance costs.

Moreover, iSolarCloud Web 3.0 introduces a new global search function that allows users to quickly locate and access specific power plants or equipment.

Four-Dimensional Security Protection for Privacy and Asset Security
iSolarCloud Web 3.0 establishes a robust four-dimensional security protection system that encompasses applications, data, networks, and devices. It stands out in the industry as one of the few products certified under the IEC 62443 international standard on industrial information security and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ensuring comprehensive protection of user privacy and asset security.

Enhanced Visual Experience for Visualized Asset Management
iSolarCloud Web 3.0 undergoes a comprehensive UI upgrade, providing users with one-click access to key information and a clear, consolidated view on a single screen. This redesigned interface enhances the user experience by providing easy access to critical power plant data and real-time status monitoring.

Click on the iSolarCloud Web 3.0 and log in with your iSolarCloud account to experience the new features! Alternatively, you can click "Upgrade" on the menu bar of the old version website to directly upgrade to the new version without logging in.

Digital Driven Energy, iSolarCloud Powers All. As of now, iSolarCloud has over 1.5 million users in 150+ countries and regions worldwide. In the future, Sungrow will continue to strengthen product development and technological innovation, facilitating the high-quality development of the new energy industry.

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