Trina Solar Honey TSM-DE08M.08(II) – mono – 120 half cells – 375 Wp

TSM-DE08M.08(II) is a 120 half-cut cells, high-performance monocrystalline PV module.


High power

Combining multi-busbar technology and half-cut cells, HoneyM TSM-DE08M.08(II) can produce up to 375W and achieve remarkable efficiency levels (up to 20.7%).

In addition, the composition of the photovoltaic panel allows it to operate better in case of shading while maintaining a lower operating temperature.


The module has been tested to resist PID and certified to hold against salt, acid and ammonia and can hold up to 5400 Pa load on the front and up to 2400 Pa on the back.


Trina Solar HoneyM TSM-DE08M.08(II) offers 25 years of linear power assurance and plans a 0.55% degradation from the second year on.