LG NeON H N1C-E6 – half cells – monocrystalline 390W

LG NeON H 380N1C-E6 photovoltaic module half-cut cells (120 half-cells), with a degree of efficiency higher than 21%.

  • Higher module power thanks to NEW CELL FORMAT M6 HC
  • Performance Warranty extended to 90.6% after 25 years
  • Better performance thanks to lower temperature coefficients
  • 25-year product and performance warranty
  • Size available: 380 – 390 Wp



LG_NeON_H_N1C_EN tehnični list


LG NeON H 380N1C-E6 is a half cells monocrystalline photovoltaic module.

LG carries out rigorous tests on its products in addition to what is required by the IEC standard, which is why LG photovoltaics have been awarded as the “TOP BRAND PV” 2021 award obtained for the eighth consecutive year. The design makes it suitable for roof and ground installations.

CELLO technology

The new LG NeON H module uses CELLO N-TYPE technology. CELLO technology replaces busbars with thin wires to improve output power and reliability.


This product has a 25 year warranty on both product and performance. It is also possible to expand the performance guarantee and after 25 years LG guarantees a minimum of 90.6% of the original power.